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Please respect the copyrights of the movies and photos.

Even after purchasing the films, the use of all or any parts of the films for purposes other than private is not allowed.

Purchasing Information 订购知悉


We are glad, that you decided to take part in our community! Certainly you will enjoy our galleries and videos. Photos are available with 1200 x 800 Pixel in the Download-shop. All movies and photos are available for download in very high resolution. They are available immediately after the payment for the video has been received.
After choosing the movie or picture set that you like you will be taken to your order screen where you can verify all information is correct before continuing. We accept PayPal, Alipay and online credit cards (and the China UnionPay card ).

Payment instructions:

​1.When you press the "Buy Now" button your order information will appear and you will be able to safely pay using your PayPal account. If you do not have a PayPal account you can also pay using your credit card.​


2.支持 支付宝 微信 付款,如需使用 支付宝 微信付款,请与我们联系, ​我们将透过好友分享文件方式提供给你,请提供您的百度云盘用户名,并成为我们 好友,感谢支持











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